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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brand-new blog!!

Hi blog stalkers!!! hahaha

Thanks for visiting my brand-new blog!
Let me introduce myself briefly (mayb you wanna know who the hell I
I'm mushroom or Thai name (Orm) I am a 3rd-year uni student in Arts Faculty, Englisht major
at Chulalongkorn University,in Thailand.

I have been thinking about having my own blog long time ago.
And today I just had a chance after after my mid-term exam. Woot woot!!

This blog's purpose is to share my traveling experience and encourage people to travel more
because I just believe that “The World is a book,and those who do not travel read only a page.”
By Saint Augustine

Btw, sharing my traveling experience doesn't mean that I have traveled half way around the world.
I have been to some countries; Laos,China,India,Malaysia. :P

Laos was my first trip with my lovely companions.

I've learned a lot from the trip; I learned how to live and enjoy lives.
Plus, it just inspired me to explore the rest of the world.

Keep traveling until your last minute of your life.

Btw, I dream of working with Lonely Planet :)

It sounds unlikely,I know. Soo Far-fetched ,I know.

But I'll  keep dreaming and keep traveling!!!!

At least, it's worth to do so.


  1. first to comment! hehehe :)
    nice blog! i wish we would be travelling together someday soon ;)


  2. “The World is a book,and those who do not travel read only a page.”
    Love it! yeah let's explore the world :)))

  3. btw, It's Mena naja
    the name is so long (I created it long time ago becuz I think it's cool but now it's too long and I cant change it! F***! LOL)

  4. mannnnn this makes me wna start my own blog. soooo many Aiesecers have blogs wa. okay. i really think im gna start my own blog soon. hahah cant resist the temptation.

    - Glamorous Gloria

  5. choose the pics of Laos with me, why only three girls....